Top 5 Japan Travel Instagram Accounts (January 2022)

Best Japan Travel Instagram Accounts

Even though COVID 19 travel restrictions are making tourist travel to Japan impossible for the foreseeable future, it’s never too early to start dreaming about your perfect trip. There are so many different ways to experience Japan. Whether it’s urban Tokyo or rural Kanazawa, Michelin-starred food or street eats that can be just as good, or any of the many subcultures. Each visitor who travels to Japan comes in with one set of expectations and leaves with memories to last a lifetime. Here are some top Japan travel Instagram accounts to get you dreaming of your future trip.

Gorgeous Scenery, Hotels, and Cityscapes

Our first account is @benrich__, a photographer originally from the UK who publishes amazing prints from Japan’s hottest hotels. This hotel content will have you running to check your points balance. He also has prints available for sale on his site. From his most recent posts, he’s working on a new project highlighting some of the world-class artisans from from across Japan. His recent trip to Hoshinoya Fuji made us want to drop everything and go capture our own shots of the beautiful, snow-capped mountain.

Traditional Japanese Ryokan Stays

Ryokan Wanderings is an incredible Instagram account and blog that will introduce you to ryokans, a traditional Japanese accommodation. While in Tokyo, it’s hard not to go with one of the many high end hotels or unique AirBnBs that dot the city. Once you’re outside the city limits, some of the best service, food, and experiences can be found in mom-and-pop run ryokans, some of which have histories lasting hundreds of years. During the winter just looking at Ryokan Wanderings can warm your soul as she explores various onsen, public or private outdoor baths that are a staple of a Japanese winter trip.

While there are ryokans and onsens all over Japan, if your time in country is a bit limited and you’ll be based in Tokyo, we recommend heading to Hakone. It’s a beautiful mountain and lake region dotted with so many ryokans and very easy to get to with special direct train service from Shinjuku Station. We’ll be writing up a future guide for a day trip and an evening trip to Hakone soon, so keep an eye out for that!

Kawaii Overload!

We can only hope that by the time cherry blossoms are blooming again, the COVID 19 restrictions have been lifted and tourists will be lining the streets from Ueno to Yoyogi and from Nagano to Osaka. Until then, take a look at @courtneyscheff who documents all things pink in Japan. Kawaii, Japanese for ‘cute’, is a word you’ll often hear when traversing Japan, whether it’s the street fashion of Harajuku or the reaction to a particularly small dog riding along in its owner’s purse. Check out this account and get your Japan travel hashtags ready for some of the cutest photo spots around.

Tokyo By Night

The neon-splashed streets of Tokyo can range from a cyperpunk metropolis or a remote corner lit only by the ever present vending machines. Tokyo Street Shots is an excellent account with content from around the city at morning and noon, but which really soars when it brings Tokyo at night to life. Amateur and professional photographers alike flock to Tokyo and to Japan for their travels because of the unparalleled range of photo opportunities. That’s why I appreciate that they run a second account, Tokyo Gone, which focuses on iPhone-only photography and provides tips and tricks for how to get the best out the shots you take during your time here.

Tokyo is one of, if not the safest large city in the world and so photographers should always be aware of their surroundings but generally comfortable when exploring Tokyo by night. The only thing to look out for is that the trains close around midnight and taxis are incredibly expensive, even for short journeys. On my first visit to Japan, I descended into the subway at 11:45pm only to be met with shuttered grates and no idea of how I would get back to my hotel! Some of the most neon-heavy scenes are in Shibuya and Shinjuku, two neighborhoods we’d definitely recommend staying in. We’ll have more updates on accommodations in those areas soon!

Tokyo Food Guide from a Pro

If you were to come to Japan and did nothing else but eat, it would still be a very, very satisfying trip. Japan was just lauded as not only having some of the most delicious Michelin Star restaurants, but also for having some of the most expensive. But fear not, Tokyo Food File is the Instagram account of the Japan Times food column of the same name. With thousands of restaurants that range in price, location, and quality, it can be a near impossible task determining your food itinerary for your trip (the only hack we’ve ever figured out is having 4 – 5 meals a day). The Tokyo Food File is a great jumping off point for the best eats around town and beyond.

Top Japan Travel Instagram Accounts

These top Japan travel Instagram accounts are the perfect jumping off point for Japan travel inspiration. While we still hold our breath waiting for news that the travel restrictions will be lifted, now is still the perfect time to be thinking about when you’ll come and what you hope to do while here. In future trips we’ll be breaking down the best ways to get to Japan, the greatest places to stay, and what to do while you’re here. If there’s anything specifically you’re interested in, we’re always just an e-mail away.

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