Can I Travel To Japan Right Now? (Updated February 2022)

Japan Travel Restrictions (Updated February 2022)

Unfortunately not much has changed in the way of the Japan inbound travel restrictions in February. In recent weeks a growing number of voices, from desirous travelers to Japan’s allies, have started to push back on the inbound travel band. Unfortunately, many prefectures remain in a quasi-state of emergency. As such, it is still unlikely inbound tourism will resume in the near future.

January 2022 Japan Travel Restriction Updates

We know there are so many people dreaming of traveling to Japan right now. Unfortunately, as of January 2022 Japan travel restrictions are still in place. Surprisingly, there is no distinction between vaccinated or unvaccinated travelers yet. After two years of closed borders it may seem that all hope for visiting Japan is lost. However, here at Navigating Japan we see hope on the horizon and want to inspire aspiring travelers.

Shibuya Scramble COVID 19 Japan Travel Restrictions
A slightly less crowded Shibuya Scramble crossing as tourism to Japan remains suspended as of January 2022

    In early November, the Japanese government implemented a plan allowing business travelers to limit their quarantine to only 3 days. The American Chamber of Commerce Japan had enthusiastically supported these changes to support the business and student community here in Japan. However, after Omicron was discovered, Japan backpedaled and re-closed their borders to new arrivals as of November 30, 2021.

Osaka KIX Airport Welcome to Japan COVID 19 Inbound Travel Blocked
Mario and friends wait to greet tourist and business travelers back to KIX (Kansai International Airport)

Chotto Matte – Please Wait

Any Japanese student has encountered the phrase “chotto matte kudasai”.  This is a polite way of saying “please wait a moment”. Due to Japan’s travel restrictions, this is the mantra you’ll need to adopt for the time being.  The government hasn’t shared a timeline for restoring tourism or business travel. Moreover, even Japanese citizens returning from abroad are subject to a quarantine in a government designated hotel.

Shinjuku Tokyo Mount Fuji Setting
Mount Fuji in the background of the Shinjuku business district in Tokyo

That said, if you’re dreaming of traveling to Japan all is not lost.  For many who come to Japan it’s the fulfillment of a life long travel dream. So you’re going to want to be very prepared in order to make the most of what may be a once in a lifetime opportunity.  That’s where Navigating Japan hopes to come in.  

    Since we’re currently on the ground, we want to cover what’s hot, where to stay, things to do, the best eats, and highlight unique neighborhoods.  Additionally, for those who here with us here in Japan, we aim to share new places and travel inspiration that’ll help you explore this amazing country we call home.

    Please join us as we continue to explore all that Japan has to offer.  Once we get an update on Japan’s travel restrictions, we will be sure to post it here!

Kiyomizudera special illumination covid 19 travel
A special Fall illumination for domestic tourists at Kiyomizudera in Kyoto, Fall 2021

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