1000 yen to usd

What is 1000 yen in USD and what can it get me in Japan?

1000 Yen to USD; Updated March 24, 2022

Due to fluctuations in the exchange rate, 1000 yen is now $8.22 and the prices below have been updated accordingly.  When we first published this post on 2/24/2022, the exchange rate was 1000 yen – $8.74.  For travelers to Japan from the US, a weak Yen and a strong dollar is favorable because your spending power is higher.  However, since Japan is still closed to foreign travelers, keep an eye on this space to see where the Yen is once Japan reopens.

1000 Yen in USD

For travelers to Japan, it’s very important to have a budget.  Whether staying at 5000 yen capsule hotels or dining out at 10000 yen omakase, you need to know what you’re spending. 1000 Yen to USD is the best base unit to work from as you start to think through what things will cost you while here in Japan.  Even though Tokyo is one of the world’s most expensive cities, it’s very possible to have a top notch experience at a reasonable cost.

It’s important to note that exchange rates are constantly fluctuating and currency exchange firms charge high fees baked into the rates.  But we’ll aim to keep this updated so that as you’re planning your trip, you have some reference points!

As of 3/24/2022, 1000 Yen in USD is $8.22.

500 Yen in USD

500 yen in usd

There’s no better tell that spring in around the corner than when Starbucks launches its sakura merchandise. When in Japan it’s always great to explore local coffee spots, but sometimes you just need that Starbucks fix.  With 500 Yen being about 4.37 in USD, it’s the perfect amount to pick up a grande drink to fuel up for your day of exploring.

The 500 yen coin got a bit of a refresh in 2021 and circulation is slowly expanding. For travelers from the United States, a word of warning regarding coins. The 100 Yen (~$1) and 500 Yen coins take up a lot of room in a standard wallet.  If you’re not traveling with a purse, we recommend a cheap coin wallet to keep track of everything!

What can I get for 1000 yen?

Now that we’ve established that 1000 yen is around $8 USD, what can you get for that?  Well, would you believe that you can get some of the best ramen in Shibuya for under 1000 yen?

ichiran vending machine

2000 Yen – The Forgotten Bill ($16.44)

If you asked the average foreigner what denominations Japanese yen bills come in, they’d very likely miss one.  On a daily basis you can see 1000, 5000 and 10000 yen bills.  However, there is a 2000 yen bill that is rarely seen!  I’ve only ever received it when doing a USD to JPY exchange from a bank in the United States.

2000 yen in usd

How far can 2000 Yen go?

One of the biggest costs of visiting Japan is the local transportation.  For instance, let’s say you wanted to go from Shibuya to Shimokitazawa, just one station away.  That alone will cost 130 Yen each way.  That’s not too bad, but let’s say that’s just one leg of one day’s travels, it can start to add up.

For example; (all prices one-way, JR lines)

Shibuya to Shinjuku


Shibuya to Ueno


Shibuya to Roppongi


Shibuya to Yokohama


Shibuya to Kamakura


So a day trip to Kamakura will cost you nearly ¥2000 just on the round-trip fare alone.  If you know you’ll be staying in Tokyo and having a train-heavy day, JR offers a one-day pass.  A word of warning though, Tokyo’s trains are operated by multiple corporations.  Therefore, even a day pass like the above wouldn’t get you access to the Keikyuu Line.  It’s really important to accurately budget for not only intercity Shinkansen travel, but also local transportation.  2000 Yen may not get you that far!

5000 Yen in USD

5000 yen in usd

With 5000 Yen being about $41 USD, now we’re talking about some real money.  A decade ago, general advice was that most places in Japan didn’t accept credit cards.  Over the past years, credit card acceptance has soared but having real cash on hand is still a great idea!  Accommodations in Tokyo run the gamut across space, luxury, and of course, price.  With the pandemic suppressing prices, it’s possible to stay in a capsule hotel in the heart of Shibuya for only ~5000 yen! Whether for the unique experience or to save on your budget, these are legitimate and clean options for a fun stay.  We’ll be doing a full review of The Millennials Shibuya soon!

The Millennials Shibuya

The Millennials Shibuya

With a stay at The Millennials Shibuya in Tokyo (Shibuya), you’ll be a 1-minute drive from Shibuya Crossing and 6 minutes from Meiji Jingu Shrine. Featured amenities include a computer station, multilingual staff, and luggage storage. Event facilities at this hotel consist of a conference center and a meeting room.

A 500,000 Yen Pokemon Card?!

5000 Dollar Pokemon Card

Tokyo and Japan can be incredibly expensive or incredibly affordable depending on what you’re looking for.  From capsule hotels to luxury skyscrapers like the Andaz Tokyo, there are options for everyone.  A $5,000 Pokemon Card may seem like an object of largesse, but for some it could be the very reason for coming to Japan.

The most important thing for all travelers is to know what your money is worth and to plan a budget to maximize your time.  As we continue to expand Navigating Japan, we’ll continue to introduce a wide array of options to make sure you get the most from your money while in Japan!



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